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UMESHU receipe



Specially imported Ao Ume from Japan, for you whom love Umeshu, why not try to make your own home-made Umeshu this summer.

A great gift idea for Father's Day!

Imported from Japan.

Ingredients required:-

1. 250g Ao Ume

2. 250g Rock sugar (you may add more if you like it sweet!)

3. 500ml Vodka/ Japan Shochu (not availabe at our online store, you may get from wine shop or Japanese supermarket)



  • Gather all the ingredient                    
  • Wash and dry the plums thoroughly.
  • Remove all the stem ends from the plums with a bamboo skewer or tooth pick. Discard the plums with any brown or blemished spots.            
  • Rinse the jar thoroughly with soap and hot water and wipe with a clean towel. While the jar is still hot, pour boiling water and shake to clean and drain. Air dry until completely dry. Damp the clean towel with shochu/ Vodka and wipe inside the jar.
  • In the clean jar, put the plums in a single layer. Then cover the plums with rock sugar. Then put the plums in a single layer again, followed by sugar. Repeat this process until you’re done with the plums and sugar.         
  • Pour in the Shochu/ Vodka to the brim (Marked "Max"
  • Seal, write the date on the jar, store in a cool, dark place and enjoy your fruity product in a year's time!


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