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USA Pink Lady Apples


Every individual tree in every orchard that produces apples worthy of being sold under the Pink Lady® brand requires technicians who are highly trained to ensure superior standards of quality are met.

The trees that produce Pink Lady® apples are generally the first to blossom and the last to be harvested, as a long ripening process is needed to produce fruit that meets the exacting quality standards.

This long ripening process means Pink Lady® apples spend more time in the natural elements of rain, sun and soil developing their characteristic depth of flavour.

Only the best of the best apples are selected, hand-picked and given the Pink Lady® seal of approval – the pink heart-shaped sticker you find on every one of these apples. It’s a symbol of the product’s authenticity and guarantees consistent quality.

Every Pink Lady® apple is worth waiting for, the result of a daily practice of care and attention in each orchard across seven months. This is what helps nature to give the gift of the finest-quality Pink Lady® apples.

Above extracted from Pink Lady.

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