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Japan TERAOKA ORGANIC FARM Pure Organic Carrot Juice


Premium organic carrot juice. Using a true-bred variety (seed) passed on from the ancient Japan. The red cray at 430 meters above sea level makes the carrots sweet.

The carrots are grown by the Biodynamic method fully taking advantage of the power of the Moon.

This vegetable juice is not only high in mineral but also produced by keeping the firm traditions of the seeds, the cultivation method, and the soil. This is a life-balancing pure juice.

Origin of the Product name - There is a flower called, Gekka Bijin, the night-blooming cereus, which only blooms one night. Carrots, as well, grow in the nighttime and tend to get high-reproductive during the New Moon and the Full Moon by absorbing the energy of the Moon.

From TERAOKA ORGANIC FARM - We developed this juice for the good health for the future children, mothers, and the people who are working hard to contribute to everyday life. In the form of juice, people can enjoy and take the most advantage of the product every day.

Keep refrigerated always.

Imported from Japan.



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