Happy Fruits (Happy Group Pte Ltd)

100% Pure Dekopon Juice


The company was established in 1960, a renowned juice maker in Kyushu.

The cultivation of depokon is deliberated. The fruits are usually grown in large greenhouses to keep them at a constant temperature, and are harvested from December to February (winter in Japan). In the case of garden farming, they are harvested from March to April. After harvesting, dekopon are usually left for a period of 20–40 days so that the levels of citric acid in the fruit decrease, while the sugar levels increase to make a more appealing taste to market. Only products with sugar level above 13°Bx and citric acid below 1.0% can be sold with the name dekopon. (extracted from Wikipedia)

A 100% pure juice, a bottle of wholesome goodness for you. 

Imported from Japan.



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