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Guacamole Recipe 

One of my favourite Mexican food is Guacamole as its so easy to whip with a few just a handful of fresh ingredients!  This is a super easy to prepare recipe that is ready to make within 5 mins. Pair it with a sandwich or have it as a dip along with some of your favourite finger foods!


- 2 medium sized ripe Avocados, halved

- 1 diced Red Onion

- 1 diced plum Tomato



1. Add the avocadoes into a bowl and start mashing with a spoon until a smooth texture is formed. You can add one avocado at a time to aensure it is mashed properly.

2. Add in the diced tomato and onions into the bowl and continue mixing.

3. Squeeze one lime into the bowl, a pinch of salt and continue mixing it until everything is well combined.

4. Place the Guacamole into the fridge to let it set before serving.

5. It can be refrigerated for a few days and it can be used fro your sandwiches for a healthy breakfast.

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