Japan Miyazaki Hyuganatsu Jam
Japan Miyazaki Hyuganatsu Jam
Japan Miyazaki Hyuganatsu Jam

Japan Miyazaki Hyuganatsu Jam

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Hyuganatsu has the size is about the size of Satsuma mandarin, and the flesh and juice have a strong acidity and a refreshing taste, but the white cotton on the skin has a slight sweetness. Hyuganatsu is thought to be a hybrid of Yuzu discovered in Miyazaki Prefecture in 1820, and is now being produced and shipped not only in Miyazaki Prefecture, but also in Kochi, Ehime, and Shizuoka prefectures.

In our 12-month jam series, we uses Hyuganatsu hulls as a raw material so that the flavor can be felt even with jam. By adding the outer skin, you can enjoy the texture and the unique flavor of Hyuganatsu.

You can enjoy it with bread or yogurt, on a cold day, you can dissolve it in hot water and drink it like yuja tea!



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