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Japan Fig Jam


The best season for figs is from August to September, with the earliest figs starting to appear in May and ending in November. It is said that the term "fig" comes from the fact that it seems to bear fruit without blooming, but in reality it is the flowers that are eaten.

Did you know that figs also have varieties? At the jam in August, we use varieties called "Dauphin" and "Toyomitsuhime". In particular, "Toyomitsuhime" is an original variety developed by Fukuoka Prefecture.

"Toyomitsuhime" is a mesophyll species for summer and autumn fruits, and the harvest of autumn fruits is from mid-August to late October. It is cultivated only in Fukuoka Prefecture, and was selected and cultivated by crossing at the Buzen Branch of the Fukuoka Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station. Named after "Buzen" and sweet "honey" in Buzen, it was named "Toyomitsuhime". You can feel the love of the production area in the name.

In our 12-month jam series, whole peeled figs are used to make jam. So, it's a jam that you can enjoy the crushing feeling of that fig.

You can use it as it is on bread, as a snack on wine, or as a secret ingredient of pork simmered in simmered pork!

Please enjoy the jam, which has a crushing feeling and a melting sweetness unique to figs.

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