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Japan Ehime Chestnut Jam


The chestnuts used in our 12-month jam series are chestnuts shipped from JA Ehime Taiki, the northernmost part of the Nanyo area of ​​Ehime prefecture.

JA Ehime Taiki has been shipping chestnuts for 20 years. From the beginning of chestnut production, we have been working together with the local community to create a production area. Especially high quality varieties are sold as Ehime Taiki brand chestnuts.

The chestnuts harvested in Ozu City and Uchiko Town, which are located in the rich mountainous areas of JA Ehime, account for about half of the production in Ehime Prefecture, making it the largest production and handling volume in the prefecture.

Chestnuts are difficult to harvest and sort by machine because of the exodermis of mussel. The growers prefer to harvest the fruits one by one. There is extreme hard work involved in the harvesting.

If you will like to taste chestnut jam even more deliciously, you may like to put it on a muffin and try simple sweets. You can feel the chestnut flavor naturally.

Have an awesome autumn.

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