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Japan Yamagata Pear Jam


La France, which is a representative variety of pears, reaches its season in October, and it is said that it was introduced to Yamagata Prefecture, where it was produced, in the early Taisho era.

In Yamagata Prefecture, producers have made efforts to carry out research from soil preparation to pruning, seedling picking, fruit picking, harvesting, and ripening, and established a production system as early as around 1985. Thanks to such efforts, La France is the representative fruit of the Western pear kingdom "Yamagata", and Tendo City, the main production area, boasts the highest production in Japan. 

La France is characterized by its overflowing juice and elegant, melty creamy texture. It is also called the "Queen of Fruits" because of its taste. However, the season of La France is instant, and if quality control such as ripening is not done properly, the true taste cannot be enjoyed.

In our 12-month jam series, the ingredients are ripened and processed at the appropriate maturity timing, so the jam has a seasonal flavor!

Try with yogurt and enjoy the rich La France flavor that spreads in your mouth!

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